I’ve been making digital things since 2001.

I’ve prototyped and built patented interfaces for Apple and Beats By Dre, developed the Nike+ FuelBand experience, co-founded a connected hardware company, and collaborated with some of the industry’s most talented people.

I love working with capable teams of engineers and designers and find crafting an elegant product incredibly rewarding. I have in-depth knowledge of mobile platforms, especially iOS, but have a general passion for all technology and love tinkering, playing, and prototyping with anything that comes to hand.

Coming from a traditional design background, with a design career history spanning award-winning digital design, moving image, and animation, I feel at one working with a strong design team to sweat the details of a product.

🧐 Notable career history

**Mindfulness.com, Head of Mobile Engineering / Senior iOS Engineer, 2019-present**

Mindfulness.com aims to become the leading resource for mindfulness practices. In April 2020, we launched the first offering – a meditation app with content from some of the world’s most respected teachers.

Technologies iOS, Swift, UIKit, Clean Architecture, GraphQL, AVFoundation, Testing Skills Team leadership, Project Management, Notion wrangling, Documentation, QA

**BleepBleeps.com, Co-founder / CTO / Head of Software, 2013-2019**

BleepBleeps created award winning connected gadgets that helped parents look after their children. We were a small team, and I covered a number of traditional roles – co-CTO, Head of Software, co-Head of Product, iOS Engineer, Technical Project Manager and QA.

Technologies iOS, Swift, Objective-C, UIKit, Realm DB, C++, C, OpenSSL, Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth Classic, Wifi, Byte protocols, testing

Skills Team leadership, Product & Project Management, technology procurement, documentation, QA

Polaroid Swing, Head of Mobile, 2016-2017

I managed the mobile team whilst working as a Senior iOS Engineer, creating an Instagram style social media app for short moving images.

Technologies iOS, Swift, UIKit, AV Foundation

Skills Team leadership, Product & Project Management, QA

IBM Plex Serif